Intrigued by the relationship of geometry and man-made form to the natural and organic world around us, my work is conceived by layering paper, print images, paint and pastel.

I might choose subject matter that could be considered less than romantic, like industrial forms or telephone wires, but I appreciate how they relate to the landscape.

I work in a variety of media, sometimes simultaneously. I allow traces of previous marks to appear from beneath, forming a moving conversation between past and present. The edges can remain rough, to create distinct lines and highlight angles or larger forms. A word or a photographic element may inspire a more complex narrative, beyond the first glance. My interest is in what lies beneath.

My years designing books became a foundation for my visual art, often incorporating text; I began one series of paintings about the Mississippi Delta and its rich multi-faceted culture, held together by a muddy river and its profound history. Another focus has been scenes from my windshield, capturing underviews of bridges, messy snow skids, or the drama of trees lit by headlights at night.

I have a studio on the North Shore of Massachusetts and spend the other part of my time on Mount Desert Island, Maine.